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We Design and build exceptional, sustainable, cutting-edge homes

Improve your quality of life with a better home. The advantages of an Orange Sky home include:
  • Superior structural integrity
  • Optimal energy utilization
  • Faster construction times
  • Diverse Architectural Styles


Superior Structural
Integrity and Strength

Insulspan - Structural Insulated Panel System


Optimal Energy Utilization

Structural Insulated Panels Lower Energy Costs
Insulated: Basement, Crawlspace, SIP Walls,
SIP Roof, TP Windows
Optimal Energy Utilization


Air Filtration and Movement

Walls and roofs constructed with structural insulated panels have fewer pieces and fewer interruptions in the insulation than stick-built structures, inherently reducing air infiltration and thermal bridging.
Air Filtration


Superior Walls Foundation Systems

Modular foundations offer precision with no weather delays.
Air Filtration Conventional Foundation System


High–Efficiency HVAC & Air Quality controls

Superior indoor air quality and cost savings from hi-efficiency units.
UV Contaminant Control
  • Geothermal Systems
  • 95% Heat Pump Systems
  • Air Filtration Options
  • Humidification Options
  • Temperature Control Options


Reduce Waste & Increase Efficiency

Attention to environmentally friendly materials and methodology
  • Utilize reclaimed, recycled construction materials
  • Regionally manufactured construction materials
  • Certified Green products
  • Energy Star minimum guideline
  • Eliminate construction waste
Conventional Site Orange Sky Site


Reduce Construction Timelines

Good planning and panelized construction reduce project time.


The Time + Quality +
Cost Equation

Efficiency and quality construction
provide savings and value.
Conventional Experience vs Orange Sky Experience


Industry Leadership

50 years combined experience in design,
construction, and management
  • Sustainable design and building orientation
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Materials and resources
  • Education and mentoring
  • Exceed industry performance metrics
    - USGBC - LEED - Energy Star -

Sample Projects

These projects reflect the diversity of the Orange Sky Solution.
Wintrow Residence
Wintrow Residence (Yellow Springs, OH)
Kelly Residence
Kelly Residence (Yellow Springs, OH)
Ellsworth Residence
Ellsworth Residence (Lebanon, OH)

Orange Sky Prototype

Orange Sky Prototype Orange Sky Prototype
Booso Residence (Yellow Springs, OH)

Orange Sky Tour

Take a tour through three Orange Sky Prototypes:
Design in Context
Enhance your living experience, the community, and environment

- Connect with the neighborhood and community

- Collaborate to create the client's vision

- Recognize, respect, and sustain the environment

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